How Sky Harbor Airport Got Its Name

Sky Harbor looks like the ideal name for the airport in the midst of a desert.

I really don’t understand why you think that it’s the ideal name. It is a reasonably nice and useful title, confident, but I am certain there are loads of other great and useful titles for a holiday. I simply can not think of one.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport acquired its title in J. Parker Van Zandt and also the proprietor of Scenic Airways, which arrived in 1928 searching to get a Phoenix foundation because of his business.

Based on Michael Jones, a Phoenix Aviation Department worker who composed a report on this airport, “From February of 1929 the airport has been formally titled Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Whether the title came out of a desire from Scenic to mention each of its own airports Sky Harbor or from the notion of a sanctuary for aircraft no one knows for certain.”

Back in 1934, Acme rented the airport to Maricopa County, however, the county backed out of the yearly lease. Acme forced Maricopa County to purchase the airport. Then Phoenix resisted until American Airlines, which was utilizing Sky Harbor since 1930, threatened to cut passenger and air-mail support. The town relented and purchased the airport to get $100,000 in July 1935.